Friday, April 28, 2006

MTAC Reflections

The county has recently re-formed a Media and Technology Advisory Committee. Our first meeting went well yesterday. We had 2 items on the agenda: the NCSCOS for Computer and Information skills and Internet Filtering. Some very good questions were raised.

Are we teaching the NCSCOS for Computer and Information Skills to 100% of our students? We are definitely trying at our school. Over the last 3 years, with no technology facilitator or leadership to speak of, it seems that there isn't as much technology integration as there should be. During these 3 years, our school has made the big change from Mac to PC without support from a tech facilitator.

That doesn't mean that we're not using technology--we are! There just doesn't seem to be much collaboration between the tech facilitator and classroom teachers. I believe that as our teachers become more comfortable using technology and getting used to me, that will change. I have big dreams for MCMS and a great staff and administrators to work with!

On the Internet filtering agenda, yes, we have to filter. It's the law. I feel that teachers should be treated as professionals and allowed to have less filtering than students on their teacher workstations. Sometimes sites that contain good information are blocked and teachers don't have time to bother with unblocking them. Teachers will have to monitor student use of teacher workstations very closely but I believe our teachers do a pretty good job with this.

Teachers will have to check web sites they want students to use on students machines before they take students to the labs. I would have to do the same thing if I were doing a lesson online with students. I know it will take a little more time, but wouldn't teachers prefer the pay-off of having less filtering on their teacher workstations? I think so. I would like to hear other teachers' comments.