Friday, October 21, 2005

Pit Stop

Thought I'd take a little pit stop in between tasks. Things have been hopping around here. We're making some progress with web pages. I think teachers have been learning a lot about web design, working with tables, inserting clip art, etc. Mrs. Kreuser just started her blog the other day. Now it's time to begin review for the NC Computer Skills Test. If you are an 8th grade parent reading this entry, please feel free to visit the NC Desk site to learn more about the new online version of the test. You can even download the program and have your child take a simulation of the online test.

I highly recommend every parent sitting down with his/her child and taking a look at this new format. Some of the questions on the simulation even bewildered me at first. The good news is that the generic versions of word processing, spreadsheet, database, email, and window manager are included on the "desktop" of the program. Students can go into these generic programs and create their own documents. Parents can sit down with their children and go over the parts of a spreadsheet or what does the paper clip mean on an email window.

I have begun collaborating with the 8th grade science teachers on how we'll do the review for the test. They suggested we do the review in their classes since they have a technology chapter in the textbook this year. While one team's science classes are doing a 4 day review for the test in the computer lab, the other team will be covering the technology chapter in the textbook. Then the teams will flip flop. There are plans to use PowerPoints, create technology bulletin boards, review worksheets as homework during lab days, etc. I am thrilled to work with and support the science teachers. We've sketched out a unit of study instead of just pulling the kids out of classes to review for the test. I believe this unit will dovetail very nicely, preparing students for the test at the same time teaching them a lot about technology.

Besides all that, I am looking forward to getting in a classroom and teaching students again. I have enjoyed teaching teachers but it's different with kids. Know what I mean?


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