Thursday, September 22, 2005

Getting Over It--I NEED A BLOG!

Today, I'm getting over the fact that I need to have a blog. Ok, I've been hearing about blogs for years. My first reaction (which has persisted for some time) is that blogging is ridiculous. Who needs to keep their diary of personal thoughts and experiences online for the world to read? Now I see, thanks to a day with David Warlick and numerous of educational examples, that blogging can be a good thing.

Whether I believe it or not, blogs are happening. They're happening with adults, students, schools, businesses, etc. As a technology facilitator, I need to not only deal with the reality of the technology we have but also with the future of technology and where it's going. Warlick said, "For the first time in history, we are preparing our children for a future we cannot describe." That sounds a little scary.

I'm not sure I can fully comment on that today because I need to think about that quote for a while. What I do see is that I need to at least expose myself to and experiment where possible when it comes to new web technology. So here goes...welcome to my blogging world!


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